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As a professional hair care manufacturer and provider, KOBO has a full range of permanent color cream and colour related products. All formula can be tailored based on different consumer behaviour. Only a part of the product are listed below and please contact us for further information if interested.

Permanent Hair Color - Formulated from European leading supplier, our predictable color cream provides a wide range of color respecting all consumers’ need.

Bleaching Powder - Bleaching powder for professional usage. Lightens up to 6 tones with an oxidising cream at a maximum of 40 volumes.

Cream Developer - Ammonia Free. This product is available in different volumes (7VOL., 10 VOL., 20 VOL., 30 VOL., 40 VOL.) for formulation customizations.

Post-Colored Protection Mist - The color mist protects coloured hair from the environmental factors that cause it to fade and lose vitality.

Color Protection Leave-in Serum - This leave-in serum prevents colour from fading and protects against damaging free-radicals.